Set The Stage For Fabulous Jewelry

During the AM hustle to make coffee, not burn breakfast and find the perfect outfit, we often pick clothes before jewelry. Jewelry may be an accessory, but it doesn’t have to be an afterthought!

We all have our favorite jewelry pieces: the ones in which we shine a little brighter. Choose your jewels first then the perfect backdrop pairing for a look that brings both you and your gems into the spotlight.


Very Berry Cocktail Collar | VaVaVoo Jewelry Subscription

Very Berry Cocktail Collar, Gunmetal Disco Ball Front-Back Earrings, Sterling Silver Pearl and Bow Cuff

Pair bright whites and bold hues for a look as confident and colorful as you! Our Pink Agate Necklace turns heads and drops jaws against a simple white blouse.

Aphrodite Set | VaVaVoo Subscription Jewelry

Aphrodite Necklace, Aphrodite Spike Earrings , Gold Bracelet Quartet

Dark solids are the perfect backdrop for warm metallic accessories. Our Aphrodite set radiates urban glamour and feminine mystique.


Electric Blue Stone Collar | VaVaVoo Subscription Jewelry

Electric Blue Stone Collar, Hammered Gold Link Bracelet, Woven Gold Hoop Earrings

Complement this chic crystal collar with a matching blue backdrop. The rich indigo tints flatter for a fabulous fusion of color and charm!


Waterfall Set | VaVaVoo Subscription Jewelry

Waterfall Collar, Waterfall Dangles

Busy patterns can camouflage your favorite crystals! Bright solids like kelly green let our glamorous Waterfall Collar steal the show!


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